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▶ Drawing Update: Massive Korra ArtDump

So I saw Korra’s new look and I’m IN LOVE.

Currently refining and coloring my sketches. I’ll upload them tomorrow :3

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Anonymous: At last another rotbtd fan who likes hiccunzel and Jarida! Not to many of those! You don't know how happy you made me. Keep up the good work! Spread the love!

Hiccunzel and Jarida are my RotBTD OTPS. 

I do think Merricup is cute,however :>

I’m glad I was able to make you happy and I’ll try to spread the love with my art <3


letitgoleviosa: Soooo I wrote that fanfic you wanted, it was loads of fun! I don't think you can send links through asks but on my blog Chapter one is right on my fanfiction page :) I really hope it meets your expectations, since it was your piece of art. I hope you enjoy it!

Ohgosh,you are just the sweetest person! ; W ; I’m sure it’ll be amazing!


A’PSJGSDGHD;OID;BHOH,I’M SO EXCITED! /runs off to read it

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